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Best Friends Photography

A wonderful gift that you can give yourself

  • 30 min
  • 350 lei
  • location of your choice

Service Description

We all know that family isn't always blood. There is also a family you have the chance to choose. I am talking about those people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who would do anything to see you smile, the ones who love you no matter what, the ones who act like brothers and sisters without being related to you. I am talking about friends, yes! We all have this second family formed by friends. And there is usually one or two of them you love the most. Your best friends are always by your side, they cry with you and they laugh with you. And who else would be a better partner for goofing around in front of a camera? Best friends pictures are so lovely and fun! A wonderful gift that you can give yourself, precious memories that over the years will take you back down the memory lane. By watching these photos you'll remember all the adventures you've had together, all those amazing stories you shared with your best friends. These memories are so important. Sometimes they have the power to make your bond stronger or they can even help you reconnect with each other after years in which you’ve been moving away without realizing. That’s why images like these are very special and it’s important to have visual memories of your unique relationship. They can really help your friendship grow stronger and resist in time. Call your best friend and book a photoshoot right away! Better yet, buy her/him a best friend's photoshoot as a gift for her/his birthday or Christmas, or just to show her/him how much they mean to you. A photo shoot suitable for any age or stage of your life, precisely because a real friendship is timeless.

Cancellation Policy

Anularea rezervării sau reprogramarea se poate face cu cel puțin 48 de ore înainte de data ședinței.

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